February 19, 2018

Classic Logo Design

What makes a logo great? How do some classic logos stand the test of time? A logo is one of the key aspects of unforgettable branding. Successful logos don’t have to be complicated to be effective. In fact, the simplest logos are often the best branding tools. The Nike “swoosh” logo is incredibly simple but it undeniably brands the company in the public’s minds.

Adidas is another sporting logo that is easy to identify, with its solid black stripes and black lettering. The Apple logo has grown even simpler since its inception, from rainbow striped to plain black or white. Mcdonald’s and Starbucks logos may have been subtly altered over time but they remain highly distinctive and recognizable.

One other easily-identifiable logo is the Coca Cola brand logo. Coca Cola uses the logo in all its advertising and although the company has changed its design in certain ways since its first use in 1893, the logo remains distinctly Coke. Pepsi has changed its logo more dramatically over the years and as such doesn’t have quite as memorable a brand identity.

Logos work best if they stand out in people’s minds and stand the test of time. Once a classic logo has been designed, packaging, advertising and branding can be developed around it.