February 19, 2018

Classic Packaging Design Success

Packaging is made for functional purposes – to hold your drink, protect your vegetables, contain your shampoo – and is all too often thrown away soon after use. Nethertheless, packaging design is often an art form. Classic packaging designs have branded products for global recognition and made brands stand out for decades. Packaging becomes less throw away and more of a collector’s item with the help of graphic art and design.

One example of classic packaging with a long shelf life is the Coca Cola bottle. With its distinctive shape – designed to stand out from the competition and be instantly recognizable – and its classic logo, millions around the world can spot genuine Coca Cola on a supermarket shelf.

OXO cubes also stand out for their packaging design. The white lettering on a distinctive red background is simple and effective, and hasn’t been changed for over 100 years. The packaging of small cubes wrapped in foil and stored in a larger cube box was also innovative.

The shape of the Marmite jar and the characteristic red and yellow label have remained constant, more or less, since this product’s launch. Marmite jars, Coca Cola bottles, OXO cubes and other classic packaging design icons are now collected for their style rather than for the product inside.