February 19, 2018

Top Tips For Brochure Design

A well-designed brochure makes a great marketing tool for businesses, organizations and services. But a brochure can be a waste of time if it is badly designed or badly put together. Spend some time on the brochure to create the best impression.

Have a defined purpose for your brochure so you can write and design with the purpose in mind. You may want to promote an upcoming event, or raise the profile of a range of products. Be clear about the purpose and organize relevant information in order of importance within the brochure.

Stick to a simple, easy to read design that stands out. Keep consistent in the font you use and the size of the font. Make sure all the text is laid out in the same way and that it’s large enough to be read. Don’t be afraid of leaving blank white space – a cluttered brochure is difficult to navigate. Use images appropriately and make sure they are of a high quality and distinctive.

Break up large areas of text with headlines, shaded boxes, pull-out quotes and lines. A text-heavy brochure is hard to read and won’t attract much attention. Always keep in mind the purpose of your brochure and how it should be read and acted upon.